Martes, Oktubre 11, 2016


Enough of Philippine Politics, which is getting sour in taste as time goes by. Lets go to K-wave or Hallyu, particularly drama's. One of the most talk about dramas nowadays is W-Two Worlds. A story when a daughter of cartoonists, Oh Yeon Joo goes to the webtoon titled W, and fell in love to the protaganists of the story Kang Chul. In which the actors of the main roles were Han Hyo Joo, and Lee Jong Suk. The drama has a unique story and received good reviews. And it said to be the next Descendants of the Sun. The main actress Han Hyo Joo, was said to be the next Song Hye Kyo, the main actress of DOTS. But somehow, it is not as on the same level as the Descendants of The Sun. Why is it? I will lay out my personal opinions on why it doesn't had been.
One of the reason it has not surpass Descendants of the Sun, is Descendants of the Sun itself. Although the fever of the Descendants of the Sun craze are slowly dying down now. When W was release, DOTS is still the talk of the town. Although its a good drama, it cannot skyrocket like Descendants of The Sun, because it was release on the period when the fever of Descendants of the Sun is still in the air. Even if the drama ended way before W begans airing.
Another problem that hinders it, was the present competition. From KBS their is Love in The Moon Light, which stars Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum. And from SBS their is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Although the two dramas differs in airtime with W, but because of their presence in the air, W cannot dominate in the news, articles, social networking sites. Especially with the powerhouse cast of Scarlet Heart. Their is Lee Joon Ki, IU, Seohyun of SNSD, Kang Ha Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, and the other princes that I don't know the names. But being princes in sageuks nowadays, they are incredibly handsome. And for some word play. Apparently Two Worlds cant beat Two Moons.
And last but not the least factor, may lie on Han Hyo Joo. Its not that she is not a good actress. She is a good actress. But the roles she mostly played, including this drama W. She is always playing the good girl, always on the good side. Which is somehow overuse for her. Personally for me, I want Hyo Joo to be a bad girl on her roles, to the villainy side. Or if it not a girl that will not back down if challenged. A woman with strong resolve. Like of that she played in Love 911, and especially with her latest movie Love Lies. Her facial features dictates that she can be a villain, or at least be a bad girl Hyo Joo. That she did in the movie Love Lies, and on the variety show Running Man. When she shows her anger against Kwang Soo and HaHa. Her good girl character is too tiring. Time to be a bad girl Hyo Joo.

Biyernes, Oktubre 7, 2016


Duterte had gotten into hot water, when he compared the numbers of the drug addicts that he want to eliminate, and the numbers that Hitler massacred in his tenure as the Nazi Fuhrer. Most of it are Jews
And he was quick to apologize for bringing the Jews into the equation, in the Rosh Hashanah celebration of the Jewish community in Makati. But he reiterated that the war on drugs will continue, and it will still be relentless.
But even before he assumed the Presidency, particularly in the campaign period. He was already compared, or was named as Philippines Hitler. It was due to his strong stance, that they thought or seen similar to a dictator, particularly Hitler.
But if we will compare a politician to Hitler. I see a politician, that has a very similar path, person, or have similar in events that happen with the Nazi Fuhrer. And mind you. It is not Duterte. I will laid out the similarities. And if you find it out. Sabi nga sa mga games na post sa Facebook. Bawal sabihin ang tamang sagot.
I. As Hitler was a military personnel, he also is:
Before Hitler became the Fuhrer, even became a Chancellor of Germany. He was a part of Bavarian Army, that fought in World War I. The highest rank Hitler got was corporal. Who is the politician that comes to mind, when you heard the word military? I think its not obvious yet at this point. So I will give another clue.
II. As Hitler did the Beer Hall Putsch and got jailed, he also did and got jailed too.
Hitler led the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, in an attempt to overthrow the government. This politician had also led coups against the government. But to be fair at the time that he did. He was right. So, it will not be the other politician, with a military background that led a dozen coup, at a different President. This man led a coup twice and got jailed for it, and as he said it, it was not to take power. Daw.
III. As Hitler ran for higher office and failed, he also ran for a higher office and also failed.
In 1932, Hitler ran against Paul Von Hindenburg, the incumbent President of Germany at the time, and lost. But although he lost against Hindenburg, it has established Hitler as a force to be reckon with in German politics. Which also led to Hitler, being appointed as the Chancellor of Germany. And by the time Hindenburg died, Hitler assumed the Presidency. And combined the powers of the Chancellor and the President, making him the Fuhrer, the most powerful person on Germany. This person also ran, not at the highest office, but the second highest office. And he failed. But unlike Hitler, he was not even a rival to the one that win. He was way down the polls when the results come out. At sabi nga ng ilan. Nagsilbi lang siyang panghati ng boto ng mga tumakbo
IV. As Hitler has big eyes. He is too.
Hitler has a big eyes. Sinong politiko ngayon, na may malaking mata, at papasa sa nakaraang crieteria na aking nabanggit? Pero gaya ng nabanggit ko kanina, bawal sabihin ang tamang sagot?
But as Jon Stewart said. "If you compare people to Hitler, uhh you'll lose a little credibility". But he and his allies did it first.

Huwebes, Oktubre 6, 2016


Have you ever watch the Game of Thrones series. We are all waiting for Season 7, of who will get the Throne. Is it Daenerys? Is it Jon Snow? Is it Sansa? Is it Tyrion? Or is it none of who we are expecting it. I don't know.
In the Philippines. There is also a Game of Thrones, particularly in politics. It always has been, since I was born. Aquino wants it,they kick Marcos out, Opposition to Aquino, wants it they try to kick her out. Opposition to Estrada wants it, they kick him out. Opposition to Arroyo wants it, they try. Again to Aquino, they also try. And now that the President is Duterte. They are still trying. And this has led to the War of Two D's, De Lima and Duterte.
And a disclaimer by the way. Don't expect me to be non bias. I have sided with one side.
The opposition's weapon by now is non other than Senator Leila De Lima. When she assumed chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Justice. She led an investigation on the alleged extra-judicial killings.
But Senator Cayetano pointed out, that the chairman is non neutral, and has already judged Duterte guilty of the allegations against him. It has shown very much when they presented the witness Edgar Matobato. That led to the ousting of Senator Leila De Lima as the chair of the Senate Commitee on Justice. And she was replaced by Senator Richard Gordon.
And it doesn't stop there. In the House of Representatives. They are also probing Senator De Lima's connection to the proliferation of illegal drugs in the National Bilibid Prison. And as of today, they may have had the key testimony, that may strongly implicate the former Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima
And her present reaction against her, is not helping her. Her walk-outs and clashes with the new Chairman. And whatever she does, she is not gaining support from the majority of the people. She is not gaining sympathy, but rather hatred. Why is that? Me I don't believe that all the allegations against her are true. But I also don't believe that all that she is pointing out are all false. That is always the case in Philippine politics, there are always ommissions and exaggerations. But why is so many people hate her?
Although Duterte now is the most powerful person in the Republic of the Philippines. He is seen as the underdog against the clash between him ad De Lima. He has just assumed office, and she and whoever is behind her, wants to oust him. For what is the purpose of that investigation? None other but to destroy the President. She had the support of the major news outlets, and Duterte is demonized in the news. And the Filipino people always side with the underdog. That's why De Lima is being hated so much.
At least on the De Lima front. Duterte is winning. It is not long before De Lima is going to be ousted as Senator, or at least be jailed. But our President has more fights to overcome. And hopefully he wins all of it.