Biyernes, Setyembre 12, 2014


Unlike Johnny Carson, The King of American Late Night. Who has his own era, undisputed between 1962 and 1992. His successors don't own theirs alone. It is shared by Jay Leno and David Letterman.
It all started when Jay Leno was chosen to took over the reigns of the Tonight Show after Johnny Carson announces his retirement sometime in May 1991. David Letterman was felt bypassed on the job he wants from the beginning. Jay Leno got the Tonight Show, and because of that Letterman left for CBS to host The Late Show with David Letterman in 1993. 1993 is the year that started the Leno Letterman Era.
The Letterman show defeated the Jay Leno Show in the ratings until 1995, until that Hugh Grant interview on his incident with a prostitute then. After that Jay Leno defeated Letterman, until the year 2009.
Conan O'Brien was promised by NBC to host The Tonight Show, in 2004, June 2009 he got the show, but failed to defeat Letterman in the ratings in the following months. NBC executive Jeff Zucker to rescue the situation, and as NBC affiliates clamored, decided to push the Tonight Show to 12:05 am to put back Jay Leno back to 11:35pm, who was at the time was hosting his 10:00pm primetime show, The Jay Leno Show, which also failed to have a good ratings. But Conan O'Brien don't want to follow Jay Leno, which begin the Late Night Wars between Conan and NBC, Letterman and Kimmel against Leno. The Leno and Letterman rivalry revitalized. Jay Leno also joke at Letterman when an extortion attempt against Letterman, to expose his sexual relationships with his interns. Letterman have the extortionist jailed, and expose his secrets himself on television.
Although they are many late night comedians now like Colbert, Ferguson, Kimmel, O'Brien, Fallon, Stewart. Jay Leno and David Letterman is still the two leading figures when it comes to late night. When it comes to the title King of Late Night, there are two sides of the coin. Ratings speaking, Jay Leno is the King, but when it comes to format, concepts, and all other things, David Letterman is the King. All other Late Night Shows and Host has patterned their shows, skits, even the way of delivering a joke is patterned over Letterman's show. Even Leno patterned his show on some of David Letterman idea's and concepts. When Johnny Carson was the standard of late night. Jay Leno patterned his show on Johnny Carson's style. When it came that Letterman became the standard of late night, patterned his show on Letterman style.
The question of who is a better late night host, unquestionably is David Letterman, Jay Leno maybe the better comedian, but the jokes are very poor and unadventurous and very safe. Unlike of David Letterman, very satire and also intelligent jokes. His interview skills are way beyond that of Jay Leno.
But the era is about to end, Jay Leno retired on February 6, 2014. Letterman announce his retirement on April 3, 2014, which is to commence on 2015. but why this rivalry have to happen Why Jay Leno have to bypass David Letterman, when he know he wants and deserves the job. Simple, Leno, is the mentor of Letterman in comedy. Maybe he can't accept that Letterman was first to go on television, and was that close to taking the Tonight Show, which in the time was a comedians dream to host. And when he got the opportunity he grab it. That's all.

Huwebes, Setyembre 11, 2014

911 . 13 . 2014

It has been 13 years since that fateful day where freedom has been attacked, at least according to the former U.S. President George W. Bush. A lot of people died from the Twin Towers, and the planes that crashed on it. From The Pentagon and the plane that crashed on it. And from another plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, in which according to a movie is supposed to crash in The White House.
How far have we gone through since that fateful day. Did that day bring us good or bad? More peace, or more war? Less terror or more terror?
Its a very sad thing that day have happened. But the most sad thing is there is a possibility that America inflicted itself this wound, I don't wanna go to details it is on Google, or ask Bill Maher, he talk about this thing that make him lost his show, Politically Incorrect.
Another injury of this fateful day is Saddam Hussein, and Iraq. His only sin is, he invaded Kuwait 10 or 12 years ago, and he is accused of imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD's). It has cost him his life, and the destablization of Iraq. Now it is the stronghold of the extremist group called IS(Islamic State).
Bush said, when he gave the ultimatum, freedom has been attacked, it did really attacked freedom, US became more stricter than usual. Freedom of religion has also been attacked, particularly Islam, which has nothing to do with the attacks, suffers prejudice, hate, and fear from other people.
Then Obama came to office in 2009, 2011 the believed perpetrator of the 911 attacks, Osama Bin Laden was killed by US Navy Seals in Pakistan. Or that is what they say, because there is no physical evidence. They have also denied the photos that surface at the time was Bin Laden dead body. And also the timing of he being killed was a year way from Obama's re-election. And Obama won that election. After that we thought that Al Qaeda is done and finish, but is not. It has only made Islamic Extremism more mainstream than before. Now America has a new problem called IS which threaten the peace we have today.
Hope the war and the terror finally stops that start during that fateful day, so that we may have peace. That's all.

Lunes, Setyembre 8, 2014


IS, is a problem and an imminent danger that may cause World War 3 itself. But first who and what is IS
IS, which means Islamic State, is a branch of Al Qaeda on Iraq, a jihadist group who wants to established a caliphate, in which Sharia Law will be implemented. Their group is led by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Their group is much like the Taliban but more traditional and more violent. They kill those who dont want to be converted to Islam, and beheaded a number of American journalists. They are so violent, Al Qaeda which is also a jihadist group, denounce IS, cause they say, IS will damage Al Qaeda's reputation, which begs the question, What reputation?
Among those who are killed are Catholics who lived in vicinities now occupied by IS, who had not escape. This has led a reaction from Vatican, which in the past always advocates peaceful solution, to bombed the IS as the only solution.
The red represents the territories now occupied by IS. IS hates America and also hates Russia. They hate people what they believe as infidels, or non believers. After they are denounce by Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh, naming them as the number one enemy of Islam. They threatened to attack Saudi Arabia, in which thank God is not happening yet.
And after all the troubles, America the superpower, is not doing anything, with the exception of doing airstrikes. Which historically, America should know that it will have little effect and sometimes none, it had not lower German morale in World War 2 nor the British when bombed by the Germans, and also done nothing to stop North Vietnam in the Vietnam War. Military strategist will agree to this.
I don't know, maybe America is to be blame with this. They attack Iraq for imaginary WMD's(Weapons of Mass Destruction). If Saddam have stayed in power in Iraq, this may not have happen. In the first place Saddam is not a threat anymore, after the first Gulf War. Dick Cheney, the VP of US in Bush Jr. administration advocate to attack Iraq in worry that they may give WMD's to the terrorist. After all we know there is no such thing as WMD's in Iraq. Now we are here with this IS.
As I said IS want to established a caliphate, a caliphate to unite all Islamic countries into one. Inevitably this will include Iran which itself presents danger because of two possibilities. If Iran is to fall which has a lower chance of happening, IS may obtain nuclear capabilties, thats one, If Iran is to win and push IS into defeat, they will be closer to Israel. And Iran close to Israel is a very combustible element which can lead to World War 3, however it is only a possibility for now.
It is imperative for US and UN to take actions on this, they should put troops again to stop the advance of IS and push them to defeat. They should also established a permanent base in there, just like in South Korea, as the threat their is permanent. The threat is always permanent in the Middle East. they should have known that, not only from IS, but also from Iran and Israel. Their presence there may served as a deterrence for any threats. Whatever badmouthing US is receiving, the truth is IS and any terrorist group fears the US.
Now what is the implication of the happenings in the Middle East concerning IS to the Philippines. If they are to attack Saudi, first and foremost, many OFW's are there, secondly we are dependent on the Middle East oil. And recently Abu Sayyaf pledge allegiance to IS. A number of Filipino has been recruited by IS as Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Former President Fidel V. Ramos has said. And I the author lives in Mindanao, particularly Davao, we suffered three bombings in here which has killed and injure a lot of people from terrorist attacks. And that IS rising in the Middle East worries me. That's all

Sabado, Setyembre 6, 2014


September 8, muling magbabalik ang no. 1 Late Night Show sa balat ng Pilipinas, and also ang only Late Night Show sa balat ng Pilipinas, ang THE MEDYO LATE NIGHT SHOW WITH JOJO A. ngunit sa bago nitong oras pagkatapos ng THE TIM YAP SHOW.
Pero tila nga napapanindigan ang titulo ng programa na MEDYO LATE NIGHT, dahil nga sa bagong oras nito pagkatapos ng THE TIM YAP SHOW, ang TIM YAP SHOW nga ay nagsisimula 12:30 ng gabi. And it is a 30 minutes plus show, and the last time I watch it waiting for JOJO A.(in which wala pala dahil season break), it finish 1:10 am. I just remember what David Letterman has said before: "The difference between not having a show and having it at 1:30 ehhh, just about like that". I minuwestra niya nga napakliit lang ng diperensya, o ang ibig niya pang sabihin halos pareho lang. And the JOJO A. Show is falling for that category.
Marami ngang nagalit ng maalis sa ere ang JOJO A. Show at palitan ng TIM YAP SHOW. Tiyak marami rin ang magagalit dahil itinulak nga ito sa mas lalong late pang oras. Heto nga ilan sa batikos na natanggap ng Tim Yap Show mula sa page ng THE MEDYO LATE NIGHT SHOW.
Ngunit para sa akin mali na buntunan ng sisi si Tim Yap, bagaman I really don't like his show. He's trying to do a monologue that doesn't appeal to me. Nagpapaka Boy Abunda na hindi naman. At eto lang ang show na puro hashtag, pero hindi nagtetrending. At minsan tila hindi pa alam kung nasaan ang camera, wala ba siyang floor director?
Balik nga tayo, hindi ang dapat sisihin ay si Tim Yap sa pagkakausog ni Jojo A. Walang ibang dapat sisihin kundi ang nag-aayos ng programming ng GMA 7. Putting informative yet boring documentaries on Late Night! They should have follow the model of ABS-CBN, after the night news, comedy show not documentaries. A show like of JOJO A. should be put 11:30 or 11:00 which is the traditional late night show time slot in America. And also to those who designate program line ups in GMA, In Late Night, you should not help people to sleep, you should put programs that makes them awake, and in the road your taking you are not making them awake, and you are killing programs like THE TIM YAP SHOW and THE MEDYO LATE NIGHT SHOW. That's all.

Huwebes, Setyembre 4, 2014


Nagsimula nga ang lahat ng magretiro si Jay Leno bilang Host ng Tonight Show na hinawakan niya ng 22 taon noong February 6 2014, at ipasa sa mas batang host na si Jimmy Fallon. Inaakala nga na tatalunin uli ni David Letterman ang Tonight Show, dahil wala na si Jay Leno, gaya ng nangyari noon ng palitan ni Conan O'Brien si Jay Leno bilang Host ng Tonight Show. Tinalo siya ni Letterman sa ratings, na naging dahilan nga ng away sa pagitan ni Conan at NBC pati na rin ni Jay Leno, na ultimately ikinatalsik ni Conan bilang host ng Tonight Show at pagkabalik kay Jay Leno.
Ngunit walang nangyari na paglipat ng mga audience, at pagtalo sa ratings ng kabila gaya ng dati. Ito nga ang pinaniniwalaang dahilan ni Howard Stern, isang radio celebrity talk show host sa U.S. kung bakit si Letterman ay nagpasyang mag-retire. Marahil daw ay hindi niya matanggap na ang mga dati ay humahanga lang sa kanya, ngayon ay tinatalo siya at kakompetensiya niya pa.
Kaya nga noong April 3, 2014, ini announce ni Letterman sa kaniyang show na siya ay magreretire sa taong 2015, with no exact date, which in the time begs the question. Who will replace him.
Marami ngang lumitaw na pangalan, ngunit ang apat na pinakamatunog ay sila Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert at si Craig Ferguson. Si Conan nga ay naging kapalit na ni David Letterman noon ng iwan niya ang Late Night show sa NBC, para maging host ng Late Show sa CBS. Si Craig Ferguson naman ay inaakalang obvious na kapalit dahil siya nga ang host ng susunod na show pagkatapos ng The Late Show, ang The Late Late Show. Bagaman nagpahayag na si Craig Ferguson na hindi niya papalitan si Letterman kung sakaling ito ay magretire. Si Jon Stewart naman, matagal ng gusto na palitan si David Letterman, una nga ay noong umalis si Letterman sa NBC na hindi nangyari at nakuha ni Conan, ikalawa ay maging host ng The Late Late Show ng noon ay papaalis na si Tom Snyder, na hindi niya rin nakuha, nakuha ito ni Craig Kilborn, na siya niya namang pinalitan sa show na the Daily Show, na di kalaunan si Craig Kilborn ay pinalitan din ni Craig Ferguson. Si Stephen Colbert naman ay nasa 11:30 time slot naman kung saan ka oras niya ang show nila David Letterman atbp host.
Ngunit nang April 10, 2014, inanunsyo ng CBS na pinili nila bilang kapalit ni David Letterman si Stephen Colbert. Binati naman kaagad ni Craig Ferguson si Stephen Colbert bilang siya ay papalit kay Letterman. April 28, 2014 inanunsyo naman ni Craig Ferguson na ititigil niya na ang pagho host ng show by December this year. Nakakuha nga ito ng short yet cold response kay David Letterman. Inatake pa nga ni Don Rickles si Letterman noong kaniyang May 3, 2014 appearance na sinasabing: Ferguson just quit and nobody knows about it
Bakit nga nagpasya si Craig Ferguson na magbitiw bilang host ng The Late Late Show, bago tuluyang bumaba si David Letterman bilang host ng The Late Show. Is he unconsciously upstaging David Letterman or not. My only conclusion is he is disappointed that he didn't get the Letterman show, and to get back he decided to depart earlier than Letterman, which resulted getting Letterman furious enough, gives him a very cold response. Bali-balita na hindi talaga gusto ni Letterman si Craig, Peter Lasally recommend him to Dave for the job as host. I assume also Craig doesn't want to endure what Letterman had gone through the first Tonight Show Debacle, in which David Letterman will follow a guy that coveted him the job he wanted the most, which is Jay Leno, in Ferguson's case, Stephen Colbert.
Nilinaw naman ni Ferguson na hindi niya iiwan ang Late Night, ang iiwan niya lamang ay ang kaniyang show. Ayon nga ito sa kaniyang interview with Larry King. Which begs the question :where will he be after this. That's all.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 3, 2014


August 23, 2014 Sorsogon, Ang araw at lugar kung saan si Sen. Chiz Escudero ay nagpropose sa kaniyang kasintahan na si Heart Evangelista. At matapos ng proposal ang di maiiwasang susunod na pangyayari eh kasalan. Itinakda nga nila ito sa petsang February 14, 2015 sa Balesin Island Resort sa Polilio Islands .
August 31 ng magpost naman si Ria Gamboa sa Facebook na bump-off ang kasal ng kaniyang kaibigan, para mapagbigyan ang isang celebrity-politician wedding. Napag-alaman nga na ito ay sila Heart and Chiz, at ang kaibigang tinutukoy naman niyang kaibigan si Cesca Litton
Ito nga ang naging statement ni Cesca Litton:
“It came as a surprise when I received a phone call from my coordinator just last Saturday that Chiz and Heart had been approved for February 14 after they had spoken to the owner Mr. Ongpin to reserve the date. Had we known that all it took was a call to the owner, then perhaps none of those formalities should have been followed,”
“In all our trips to Balesin and discussions with management asking to reserve February 14, 2015, we were always told it was available. We would not have invested time and money, including flying out our coordinator and stylist, had they informed us that the venue was booked from the beginning,”
Tumugon din naman kaagad ang may ari ng resort na si Roberto Ongpin:
“I wish everyone to know that it was I, who actually invited Heart and Chiz to have their wedding at Balesin when I had dinner with them shortly after they returned from their trip to Paris sometime in July and even before they announced their formal engagement,”
“After receiving the confirmation from Chiz and Heart, I immediately checked with our reservations people who told me that nobody had actually confirmed February 14 as of that time, so I told them to block it off. So nobody has been bumped off,”
Tumugon din naman si Heart:
“There’s no truth to it. I think that’s the best way that I could answer that. In fact, if they really wanna look into it, go ahead and check Balesin. We’re not like that. This is the best day of our lives, I’m a bride-to-be, she’s a bride-to-be. Who would do that to any bride-to-be? There’s no truth to it and I hope ma-iron out nila,”
I think the real cause of the bump-offs ay hindi naman siguro yung mga magpapakasal kundi yung management ng venue. Pero hindi dyan ang aking oopinyonan. I hope Sen. Chiz is not doing it for other reasons. I do not doubt his love for Heart. Pero yung timing eh malapit sa taong 2016, election year. And Sen. Chiz is not hiding his ambitions for higher office.
Kasal at Politika, historically dont mix. Do you remember Roxas-Sanchez Wedding na ginawa sometime in the last quarter of 2009. Mar Roxas then was preparing to be a Presidential Candidate. Then Cory Aquino died. A statement from Kris Aquino in the funeral eulogy started a cry for the only son to run for President. Roxas ended up stepping down as a Vice Presidential candidate. Ultimately ending up being defeated by the third come second in the survey in the last days of campaign, who is now the Vice President Jejomar Binay. Sana lang di mangyari kay Chiz. Thats all.

Martes, Setyembre 2, 2014


It all started when Aquino said he wants a candidate that will continue the "DAANG MATUWID" after he is gone from office. Many thought Aquino is hinting to Jejomar Binay the Vice President.
Then a cry from a Facebook Page appeared, ONE MORE TERM! Which is also supported by the DILG Secretary in words. Which is very funny, because PNoy at the time hinting for VP Binay to be a successor, Mar Roxas suggested instead a One More Term for Aquino. Roxas would like to see the Aquino term extended, than seeing the victor of the Vice Presidential race be President.
And now Aquino claim that their is a clamor for him to run again. which is incredible because so many problems arouse at the time. DAP, MRT etc. His decision to not let Abad resign even if he submitted resignation is a very unpopular decision, and to claim that their is a clamor seems ridiculous.
And the ghost of CHA CHA appeared again on the haunted House of Representatives, that tends to amend the Constitution on economic provisions, thats what they say. But Representative Egay Erice, says that he will insert political provisions, particularly term extension.
And the political provisions that they planned were to be modeled to the US political system. 2 terms for the President/VP, 3 terms to Senators and LGU's. A term is consists of 4 years which for me presents a problem.
If a term is consist of 4 years, there is what we called MID TERMS, that will be every two years if the term is to be 4 years. The problem is to be on the financial side. The government will have to spent for elections for every two years.
I have no problems if they amend the Constitution, politically economically, with the exception of the length of the term that they suggest. it is too short, that may be politicians will only think of elections more than pubic service. If they have to go with two terms, retain the 6 year as lenght of the term of all positions to be elected and every three years as mid terms for congressional elections. Thats all.