Lunes, Setyembre 8, 2014


IS, is a problem and an imminent danger that may cause World War 3 itself. But first who and what is IS
IS, which means Islamic State, is a branch of Al Qaeda on Iraq, a jihadist group who wants to established a caliphate, in which Sharia Law will be implemented. Their group is led by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Their group is much like the Taliban but more traditional and more violent. They kill those who dont want to be converted to Islam, and beheaded a number of American journalists. They are so violent, Al Qaeda which is also a jihadist group, denounce IS, cause they say, IS will damage Al Qaeda's reputation, which begs the question, What reputation?
Among those who are killed are Catholics who lived in vicinities now occupied by IS, who had not escape. This has led a reaction from Vatican, which in the past always advocates peaceful solution, to bombed the IS as the only solution.
The red represents the territories now occupied by IS. IS hates America and also hates Russia. They hate people what they believe as infidels, or non believers. After they are denounce by Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh, naming them as the number one enemy of Islam. They threatened to attack Saudi Arabia, in which thank God is not happening yet.
And after all the troubles, America the superpower, is not doing anything, with the exception of doing airstrikes. Which historically, America should know that it will have little effect and sometimes none, it had not lower German morale in World War 2 nor the British when bombed by the Germans, and also done nothing to stop North Vietnam in the Vietnam War. Military strategist will agree to this.
I don't know, maybe America is to be blame with this. They attack Iraq for imaginary WMD's(Weapons of Mass Destruction). If Saddam have stayed in power in Iraq, this may not have happen. In the first place Saddam is not a threat anymore, after the first Gulf War. Dick Cheney, the VP of US in Bush Jr. administration advocate to attack Iraq in worry that they may give WMD's to the terrorist. After all we know there is no such thing as WMD's in Iraq. Now we are here with this IS.
As I said IS want to established a caliphate, a caliphate to unite all Islamic countries into one. Inevitably this will include Iran which itself presents danger because of two possibilities. If Iran is to fall which has a lower chance of happening, IS may obtain nuclear capabilties, thats one, If Iran is to win and push IS into defeat, they will be closer to Israel. And Iran close to Israel is a very combustible element which can lead to World War 3, however it is only a possibility for now.
It is imperative for US and UN to take actions on this, they should put troops again to stop the advance of IS and push them to defeat. They should also established a permanent base in there, just like in South Korea, as the threat their is permanent. The threat is always permanent in the Middle East. they should have known that, not only from IS, but also from Iran and Israel. Their presence there may served as a deterrence for any threats. Whatever badmouthing US is receiving, the truth is IS and any terrorist group fears the US.
Now what is the implication of the happenings in the Middle East concerning IS to the Philippines. If they are to attack Saudi, first and foremost, many OFW's are there, secondly we are dependent on the Middle East oil. And recently Abu Sayyaf pledge allegiance to IS. A number of Filipino has been recruited by IS as Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Former President Fidel V. Ramos has said. And I the author lives in Mindanao, particularly Davao, we suffered three bombings in here which has killed and injure a lot of people from terrorist attacks. And that IS rising in the Middle East worries me. That's all

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