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I hope it is not plagiarism, this post was a post by a writer/blogger CEMANES Writes published in 2009. My intention of copying/reposting this is not to plagiarize, but to spread the word it contains for the info of my readers who may not encounter this before. The original post was at http://relijournal.com/religion/central-in-apalit-of-ang-dating-daan-vs-central-in-diliman-of-iglesia-ni-cristo-not-a-coincidence-but-preordained/
Central in Apalit of Ang Dating Daan vs. Central in Diliman of Iglesia Ni Cristo, Not a Coincidence But Preordained

Published by rqcemanes in Religion on July 27, 2009 

This is a theory for your impression and wise comprehension. First of all the author of this philosophy cautions everyone not to be critical of what they come across in taking time to read this piece of write-up, instead to be more logical and rationale for raison d’etre, is the beginning of wisdom and deeper understanding of doctrines, facts and circumstances surrounding a Christian’s life.

The author would like to give the readers a panorama of what is Central in Apalit and Central in Diliman:

*Central in Apalit of the Ang Dating Daan (ADD)

This is the Convention Center of the Members Church of God International (MCGI), popularly known as Ang Dating Daan (ADD). It is the place where they hold Thanksgiving to God, various activities and very important events in their congregation. The Presiding Minister of MCGI is Bro. Eliseo F. Soriano and the Vice-Presiding Minister is Bro. Daniel S. Razon. It is located in the heart of the Municipality of Apalit, Pampanga, where majority of the residents of this place are poor families.

*Central in Diliman of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC)

This is the Central Office of the Church of Manalo, popularly known as Iglesia ni Cristo (INC). The owners of this Church are the Manalo family, a corporation sole, now headed by Mr. Eranio Manalo. It is located in Diliman, along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, where majority of the residents of this place are rich, educated, famous politicians and businessmen as shown by the facts in the records of the Mayor’s Office of Quezon City, called as the wealthiest City in the Philippines for having the highest collection of taxes.

Definition of Terms


A word idem sonans or same sounding with “Up-A-Lit”. “Up” means of a high level or heavenly as people points their fingers up, whenever they want to declare something higher/heavenly. “A-Lit” is “a light”, connotes brightness related to heaven or heavenly bodies like the sun, moon and the stars and the shining armor of God.


This is taken from the root word “dilim”, a Tagalog or Pilipino term referring to darkness/night. Diliman means in English as dark place or place of darkness. Darkness is descriptive of a place where there is no light but total darkness.

The Theory

Having defined the significant terms of this article, we can now explore in our minds supported with the succeeding facts and circumstances how this author arrived at the theory that the places where the two “Centrals” of two opposing religious organizations, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) or popularly known as “Ang Dating Daan” (ADD), in english The Old Path (TOP) and the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), in this end times where situated, are not just a coincidence but preordained.

Facts and Circumstances

These two religious organizations are exactly opposite from each other in many ways, such that, one can be accepted as “from the light” and the other one as “from darkness.” As the succeeding facts and circumstances will be presented to the readers, we will use ADD and INC to shorten the presentation as we go further in our discussions. To enumerate the basis of this author, among others, the following are the most apparent and pragmatic comparison based on notorious facts, actual research, interviews and observations, to wit:

God vs. Man

The Central in Diliman, INC for short, believes that Jesus Christ is just a man. On the other hand, the Central in Apalit, ADD for short, believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, thus, Jesus is a God and not just a man.

Physical vs. Spiritual Lavishness

Apparently, the INC is wealthy as manifested by their luxurious and grandiose places of worship and residential buildings for free occupancy by their workers and church officers not to mention the sumptuous palace where the Manalo’s are comfortably residing and not that visible to the public view

On the other hand, the ADD place of worship is an unfinished building or edifice. For a long time already, it remains unfinished due to scarcity of funds. Their Locales or places of worship are mere rented humble spaces, comparable during the times of Jesus Christ where in order to meet the apostles and their followers, most of the times they gather in rented spaces or even just stay outside, under the heat of the sun because they have no money and permanent places to go or lay their heads.

Holy Supper

The INC celebrates their Holy Supper in the morning, whereas, ADD celebrates theirs in the evening, as to what the word supper connotes which should be after dusk or after sunset or end of the day and as what the Scriptures dictates

Treatment for Non-members

The INC believes that non-members of their church are already destined or bound to go to hell. Whereas, the ADD believes that non-members are dependent for the mercy of God’s justice. Thus, they are not necessarily bound to go to hell but will still have hope for God’s mercy.

Characters of members

In the INC, once a person becomes a member, they stop being merciful, instead their characters are worsened, becomes more proud, cruel and unsympathetic. However, in the ADD group, once a person becomes a member, they become merciful, charitable and reformed true Christian, in words and in deeds.

Killing for the Church vs. Dying for the Church

Records show that there are lots of cases decided by the Supreme Court and published in the broadsheets, tabloids or local newspapers showing that some members and ministers of the INC are killing and committing various heinous crimes, harassments and persecutions against non-members of their church, including ADD workers and members. However, the ADD members and ministers are the ones being killed or murdered, harassed, persecuted and even exiled because of plots to kill and always encounters danger to their lives and limbs where the INC executioners are determined to do harm to the brethren of the ADD group.

Rich vs. Poor

The Central in Diliman is a very wealthy organization which can be likened to Egypt in the times of Moses, while the Central in Apalit is a very poor organization with so many debts and obligations to finance their propagation by spreading the Words of God through the media and Bible Expositions. Almost 99% of the membership of the CGI comes from the poorest of the poor, reminiscent of the Israelites, the slaves of the Egyptians before, but they are the chosen ones of God.

Buildings and structures of worship of the INC are so lavish and extravagant. On the other hand, the ADD group is so modest, likened during the times of Jesus Christ holding their meetings and church activities in humble edifices and rented places, or even in the streets.

“Beso-beso” vs. Holy Kiss

INC believes that the Holy Kiss is “beso-beso”, kissing by touching, either cheek to cheek or even with a hug or body touch. Whereas, ADD believes that the Holy Kiss is not physical but spiritual. A greeting of brotherly love where a Christian can even send his Holy Kiss to a fellow Christian, beyond borders and worldwide.

Influential vs. Insignificant

INC group is very influential and powerful to the extent of controlling the government and politicians, from the President down to the lowly policemen and rank and file government employees. On the other hand, ADD group is often treated unfairly because of their poverty and religious beliefs, their human rights are time and again violated, they are experiencing harassments and persecutions because of the dictates and insinuations of the leaders of the INC group, by using their influence, money and power. The ADD Ministers and Workers are often brought into courts to answer false and capricious accusations as it is very easy for the INC group to exercise influence peddling by using their wealth merely to persecute and harass the ADD group.

Visibility vs. Non-visibility

Leaders of the INC are not visible to the public and even to their members, whereas, the leaders of the ADD are always out and on the go, helping people physically and spiritually, propagating the Words of God, the reason why they are being haunted by the executioners of the INC for the fear of the latter, due to the dwindling or diminishing number of membership compared to the phenomenal increase of membership of the former

DEC (Decreasing) vs. ADD (Increasing)

The number of membership in the INC is apparently decreasing, hence INC is more fitting either for the word “Incomplete” or DEC for decreasing, on the other hand, the number of membership in ADD, the increase is phenomenal or extraordinary, a manifestation of divine guidance outside mere human efforts. Recently, while the ADD is gaining huge numbers of membership through mass indoctrination worldwide, baptizing thousands of new true Christians, the INC, is again at the exact opposite. In fact currently, they baptized a measly four (4) individuals in a mass indoctrination, and they were very much proud of it already.


Now therefore, if you have eyes, ears and other senses working, it is now high time to open it widely, then, determine for yourselves within reason that the existence in this end times of these two ever contrasting organizations, the Members Church of God International (MCGI) versus the Iglesia Ni Cristo ni Manalo (INCM), are not indeed a coincidence but strongly pre-ordained.

Take heed therefore people of the Philippines and be aware of the phenomenon in religion where this beautiful country was blessed to have been chosen by God to bear the true religion. Notwithstanding, the fact that the religion coming from darkness was also given birth here, in order to strengthen and fortify the similarity of occurrences and events that has already happened during the times of Adam and Eve and also the times of Moses, where both good and evil dwells in one place as well, where evil tries to devour the good men, but still frustratingly ended up grinding its teeth because they cannot thrive.

Be astute therefore, dear readers. It is now the peak time to exercise your intelligent judgments, and not just to sit there and prevaricate but with discernment, settle to come up with an evaluation and certitude. God Bless.

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  1. When I was a child, I used to know Jesus as very powerful God and as the son of The Almighty God. When I reached High school, until I was in college, my thoughts for Jesus became more deep. I was in doubts. Until recently, one of my professor from University of San Carlos, Cebu, told me that Jesus was fully "HUMAN" and fully "DIVINE". That means that he was a human which became divine because of his life. I really don't understand WHAT THE F**K is going on with our society today?! Even religion is being fought?! Sorry for being aggresive but I've been disturbed recently by these killings and war in Syria. THE TRUTH FOR ME IS THAT, NOBODY REALLY KNOWS! WHY? WHY THESE PEOPLE CALLING THEMSELVES THE GOVERNMENT, THE RICH, AND POWERFUL, ABUSE OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES???! DUFUQ? I'm not going to be burst all my emotions here. Just Good luck with all "HUMANS"...

  2. People use religion in the wrong way because of something that they want to achieve or get. Originally, Christianity and Catholicism is one. I wonder what is the real reason why they are judgmental about things like religion?

    Mga Tugon
    1. I beg to disagree, Christianity and Catholicism are not one. Christianity originated in Israel, while Catholicism in Rome. The comment is very irrelevant and off topic. I must say. Christians do not pray to statues while Catholics do(Deut. 5:8-9). Christians do not do repeated prayers, while the Cathoilics do(Mat. 6:7), Christians do not called the human spiritual leader "father" while the Catholics do(Mat. 23:9). Must bear in mind that Catholics are not Christians, they are Catholics.

  3. Great collection of information about INC and ADD. I'd like to respect what they believe in.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Same here. I respect their beliefs but I'd rather not comment and put one or another in a bad light. Thanks for the information too!

  4. Religions not only come in various forms in the Philippines but in other countries as well. More than patronizing God, religions are made to form a sub-culture of the society where people dwell and depend on to hope. Because of these groups, more and more people are getting confused as to which religion is true. It's just a pity that people fall to the make-believe ones. And it's also a wonder how leaders of these "pseudo-religions" can encourage such a big crowd to listen to them and follow their words.

  5. Religion cannot save us only God knows what will happen to us after death. I wish all religions will be united for we only believe in one God.

    Mga Tugon
    1. hindi po totoo na hindi makakapagliligtas ang religion, bakit pa ito nakasulat sa biblia kung hindi mahalaga bakit pa naksulat sa biblia nangagkakamali kayo sa di pag kaalam ng kasulatan

      MATEO 22:29
      Nguni't sumagot si Jesus at sinabi sa kanila, Nangagkakamali kayo, sa hindi pagkaalam ng mga kasulatan, ni ng kapangyarihan man ng Dios.

      nakasulat ba ang religion sa biblia?

      SANTIAGO 1:27
      Ang dalisay na relihion at walang dungis sa harapan ng ating Dios at Ama ay ito, dalawin ang mga ulila at mga babaing bao sa kanilang kapighatian, at pagingatang walang dungis ang kaniyang sarili sa sanglibutan.

      bakit nakapagliligtas ang relihion, ano ba kahulugan nyan sa greek?

      From a derivative of G2357; ceremonial observance: - religion, worshipping.

      isa pala sa kahulugan ng religion ay worshipping, to worship bakit nakakapagligtas ito sa pamamagitan ng Panginoon. ito

      APOCALIPSIS 21:8
      Nguni't sa mga duwag, at sa mga hindi mananampalataya, at sa mga kasuklamsuklam, at sa mga mamamatay-tao, at sa mga mapakiapid, at sa mga manggagaway, at sa mga mapagsamba sa diosdiosan, at sa lahat na mga sinungaling, ang kanilang bahagi ay sa dagatdagatang nagniningas sa apoy at asupre; na siyang ikalawang kamatayan.

      Yung mapagsamba sa diosdiosan, mapapahamak, mali kasi, logic dictates pag tama ang paraan ng pagsamba mo maliligtas ka naman, kuha nyo. Ililigtas ka ng Panginoon kung tama ang paraan ng pagsamba mo sa kaniya yun lang po muna.


  6. I beg to disagree that religion cannot save us. A religion can save us. Now what kind of religion that can save people? Look at the Bible, it plainly says of what kind of religion the people should be involved with. Thus they can be saved temporarily and spiritually.

    "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." (James 1:27, KJV)

    And this is what I'm talking about!

    Mga Tugon
    1. True there is a religion that can save us, it is maybe that they are lazy and dont want to find

  7. As I read the whole article, I was shocked. This wasn't coincidence. I'm not an ADD or an INC member but the facts that were presented on the original blog were true

    I have read Pasugo's 1979 publication and its really a direct attack on non-members of INC. INC find themselves to be the true religion. Proclaimed themselves to be a true Christian. Its just ironic that the name Iglesia ni Christo was coined after Jesus Christ's name yet they don't believe that Jesus is a Son of God.

  8. Religion can help us seek the way and the truth. Thus it's also for people to believe or act in accordance of what's written on the Bible. I therefor say that blaming and arguing to other religions won't help. Just my two cents.

  9. For me religion is the opium of the masses. What matters is not religion but your relationship with God. I think the reason we have chaos is because we try to impose our belief with other people.

    Mga Tugon
    1. A word from Karl Marx, one of the founding fathers of Communism, where religion is prohibited. Religion is the relationship with God, you cannot separate the two.

      If you will use the greek interlineal dictionary of the Bible. you will found out that the meaning of religion is.

      From a derivative of G2357; ceremonial observance: - religion, worshipping.

      One of the meaning religion is worshipping, By worshipping God you establish your relationship with him, and that is religion.

  10. The core of having a 'belief' is to make you become a better person. But at most times, that very simple idea is neglected. Using religion as a tool to indoctrinate that this particular church is better than the other and that the they are truly heaven sent is a bit awkward.

  11. The belief is what matters the most. This article just proves that religion is indeed a never ending "battle". Religion is a very sensitive issue even at today's digital generation.

  12. Catholics are not Christians? Now I am bewildered...

    Mga Tugon
    1. Its true, Bitter truth is better than the sweeter lie, If I say that Catholics are Christians, then I am saying a sweet lie

  13. I believe we can all be good followers of our own religion by the things we choose to do in its name.

  14. Whatever religion we have, just focus on it. I hope religions stop bashing at each other on their claims.

  15. Now I know what the TV programs Ang Dating Daan and Ang Tamang Daan is all about :)

  16. Dangerous blog article, buddy, simply because it's pretty much "A is better than B; here's why". When religion is thrown into the mix, it doesn't matter who's right - what happens is you have one party showing reasons why it's better than another and isn't this a self-defeating tenet to propagate..? Food for thought.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Why do you always hate comparing things, Maybe we are just being hypocrite to ourselves, not to say who is better, and who is not. There is always a better one. Like in a the Pacquiao fight, Marquez is the better man, in the Cold War, US is the better state than Russia.

      Plus it is a Biblical thing to compare, to weigh things one after the other may I quote this to you.

      Behold, this I have found, says the Preacher, while weighing one thing after another to find out the right estimate [and the reason]--

      It is a biblical thing, if youre against it, then you are against the Bible, and the one who had it wrote.