Martes, Setyembre 2, 2014


It all started when Aquino said he wants a candidate that will continue the "DAANG MATUWID" after he is gone from office. Many thought Aquino is hinting to Jejomar Binay the Vice President.
Then a cry from a Facebook Page appeared, ONE MORE TERM! Which is also supported by the DILG Secretary in words. Which is very funny, because PNoy at the time hinting for VP Binay to be a successor, Mar Roxas suggested instead a One More Term for Aquino. Roxas would like to see the Aquino term extended, than seeing the victor of the Vice Presidential race be President.
And now Aquino claim that their is a clamor for him to run again. which is incredible because so many problems arouse at the time. DAP, MRT etc. His decision to not let Abad resign even if he submitted resignation is a very unpopular decision, and to claim that their is a clamor seems ridiculous.
And the ghost of CHA CHA appeared again on the haunted House of Representatives, that tends to amend the Constitution on economic provisions, thats what they say. But Representative Egay Erice, says that he will insert political provisions, particularly term extension.
And the political provisions that they planned were to be modeled to the US political system. 2 terms for the President/VP, 3 terms to Senators and LGU's. A term is consists of 4 years which for me presents a problem.
If a term is consist of 4 years, there is what we called MID TERMS, that will be every two years if the term is to be 4 years. The problem is to be on the financial side. The government will have to spent for elections for every two years.
I have no problems if they amend the Constitution, politically economically, with the exception of the length of the term that they suggest. it is too short, that may be politicians will only think of elections more than pubic service. If they have to go with two terms, retain the 6 year as lenght of the term of all positions to be elected and every three years as mid terms for congressional elections. Thats all.

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