Linggo, Mayo 29, 2016


At natapos nga ang isa sa pinaka nakatutuwa at mapanghating eleksyon sa balat ng Pilipinas. I've participated in the last Presidential Elections in which our current President, Noynoy Aquino is a candidate. But unlike that election, This election had friends, became enemies, families divided, because of the loyalties they have to their candidates. I hope that those families and friendships rekindled, because the elections are now over. This Monday, May 30, 2016 Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and Congresswoman Leni Robredo, will be proclaimed as the winners of the 2016 Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections.
Now, let's talk about Leni Robredo. The Vice President Elect. I will not talk about the President Elect, because everyone is talking about him already. With a lead to his closest rival, Bongbong Marcos of only 263,473 votes. Robredo defeats the son of the former dictator. Which is kind of funny for Marcos, because it is somehow repeat of history. A widow of a famous politician, defeating a Marcos. In his father's case, is Cory Aquino.
That concludes the election. But as they say, the end is also a beginning. I watched the movie White House Down. The President of America in that movie, has talked about after winning an election, they are already thinking and preparing for the next one. Although its from a movie, it happens in real life. Just after Aquino won in 2010, They are already grooming Mar Roxas to be next in line. And Jejomar Binay announces his bid very early. None of the two won. They are defeated by a Mayor from a far flung city in the Souther Philippines.
Also for the first time. The winners of the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections, came from a least expected position. From A Mayor catapulted to the Presidency, and a congress representative, to the Vice-Presidency. Although Vice-President Binay, was a mayor too before he became a Vice President. But he was a Mayor in the National Capital Region. It's always, if not most of the time, the candidates or winners, will come from the Senate, or someone who work in the Cabinet. Like Ramos, who was the Chief of Staff in Cory's Administration before he became President. Estrada and Arroyo, who were former Senators before they became Vice-Presidents. And Aquino, who is a former Senator before he became President.
Now let's go to the question. Will she be the next President after Duterte? The only two things that may catapult Robredo to the Presidency are these. If Duterte is to be impeached, and if Duterte dies. And let's pray that the two will not happened. That are the only two options. If she will wait for 2022 for her bid. She wil not win.
The first possibility is that Duterte being impeached. Or as is it called in the internet, PLAN B. But as of my experience. Most of the things said in the internet are not true. They are just fear-mongering, so that people will be vigilant. Like in this election. They said that there are fake ballots that the results will be Roxas if you vote for Duterte. Which turned out to be not true.
And PLAN B is far from being possible now. Because many Congressman had change allegiances and alliances. Many had jump to Duterte's side. And for Duterte to be impeach, it has to pass Congress. And Congress now is in Duterte's control.
As I said if she wait until 2022, she will not win. One of the reason is Bongbong Marcos. If he will not keep quiet of his accusations of him being cheated at the elections, whether it is true or not. It will affect Leni's bid in the future.
Plus there are many names that may arouse. Like that of Marcos, Cayetano, Sotto etc. Or an unexpected name out of nowhere. Or if Mayor Duterte is to be successful of his iron fisted disciplinarian style of leadership, that Mayor from Tanauan Batangas, Mayor Antonio Halili may have a chance. Because Mayor Duterte himself set a precedent, from a being a Mayor to being a President.

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